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Support finding permanent homes for all children

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At one biological mom’s first supervised visitation, she greeted her daughter’s foster family with tears in her eyes. She gave them a hug and thanked them for taking care of her daughter. The foster family continued to have opportunities for interaction with this biological mother and developed a relationship with her through letters, emails, and video conferencing. After 10 months of working toward reunification, this mom was reunited with her daughter.

After 10 months in foster care, this bubbly four-year-old returned to her biological home.

The goal of foster care is exactly this - to rehabilitate families and support the child’s reunification with their biological parents. Adriel has a variety of programs to support reunification including family coaching, visitation, and clinical services. However, when reunification is not possible, our foster families are often able to provide a permanent home for these children through adoption.

After years in and out of the foster care system, teen siblings Staci and Roy, found their forever home with the Buck’s. Just days before their 17th and 18th birthdays, Roy and Staci were adopted on August 26, 2020.

On August 26, 2020 the Buck family officially adopted Roy and Staci - just days ahead of their 17th and 18th birthdays.

Make a donation today to help a child find a safe and loving home that they can call theirs forever. Your contribution supports foster families like the Buck's and the reunification of biological families.

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