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Your donation can help provide a safe and loving home for a child

Anna, Jacob, and Liam found their safe and loving home with Billie Wheeler

After losing her 5-year-old and 12-year-old daughters to a horrific car accident on December 18th, 2004, Billie Wheeler was finally ready to be a mom again. With guidance from friends, Billie chose to become a foster parent through Adriel. "I was a mom who had kids and then I didn't. Through foster care, I can be a mom again - whether it is for a short time or a long time," she expresses. More than anything, Billie wanted to help children feel safe and loved.

Billie became a licensed foster parent in 2016. Her first placement was for weekend respite care for two children - Anna and Jacob. After a second respite with these children, Billie was asked if she would be willing to take them into her home permanently, and she eagerly agreed. During a visitation, Billie learned that Anna and Jacob's biological mother was pregnant with another child and that it would be possible that this new baby would also come into care. Billie began the necessary preparations to bring an infant into her home. An ultrasound revealed that Anna and Jacob's unborn sibling would have a cleft lip and palate as well as other potential medical needs. As a single parent, Billie worried about the challenges of taking care of a baby with extensive medical needs. However, after Liam was born, Billie visited him in the hospital and immediately fell in love.

On December 17, 2018, Billie adopted Anna, Jacob, and Liam and the children became a permanent part of Billie's family. With three children under the age of 5, Billie refers to her life as "normal chaotic" but says that she wouldn't trade the chaos for anything.

Through Billie Wheeler's love, Anna, Jacob, and Liam found their forever home: a place where they feel safe and loved every day. Open your hearts and donate today to help every child feel safe and loved like Anna, Jacob, and Liam. When you make a donation, you have the option to share your donation through social media. We encourage you to share what moved you to make a donation and inspire your friends, family, and followers to make a donation of their own. Thank you for your prayers, support, and generosity.

With your support, Adriel will continue to provide exceptional care for each child's mind, body, and spirit!

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