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Support Young Adults on their Path to Independence

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Adriel’s Independent Living Fund supports programs to help older youth gain valuable skills they will need as young adults who successfully live on their own. At the age of 16, Adriel youth can begin to work on various activities to increase these skills. These young adults earn “Adriel Bucks” as they achieve their personalized goals. As they prepare to emancipate from foster care and move out of their foster home, the youth can use their “Adriel Bucks” to choose items from Adriel’s Independent Living Catalog. This catalog contains essential items that the young adults might need including: cleaning supplies, household decorations, appliances, health and beauty products, and more!

One 17-year-old currently enrolled in the program explains that the motivation systems of the Independent Living program keep her active. Through activities, including her favorite yard work, she has been able to use her Adriel Bucks to obtain items that she believes will be useful as she prepares to move out on her own, enroll in the Bridges program, and take college courses online. She has earned a few big ticket appliances, including a vacuum and a microwave. Another young adult still has some time left in high school but she looks forward to starting to take STNA classes soon, going to college, and ultimately helping people and saving lives by becoming a nurse. She explains that the Independent Living program has helped her to practice the life skills that she has learned. Her hands-on approach, including installing a bathroom toilet, putting together an outdoor grill, and mowing the lawn, has given her the ability to start stocking up on items that she will need as she looks toward her future after high school. So far she has earned a safe, an Amazon gift card, hair waver, waffle maker, health and beauty products, and more! Another 16-year-old participating in the program plans to go to college to become a corrections officer. Through Adriel’s Independent Living program, she has been able to volunteer at a therapeutic riding center and her foster mom has seen an eagerness in her desire to learn. Her favorite item earned so far? A Kindle Fire.

Adriel’s Independent Living program seems especially important in light of the current pandemic. Many of these young adults have missed out on momentous life experiences. Graduating seniors may not be able to walk across a stage, high school students will not get to go to prom, student athletes have missed out on their spring season. These youth have already missed out on so much, your donation to the Independent Living Fund can provide the resources they need to experience the milestone of moving into a space of their own.